guam shoot

Nino Mark & Nina Lovie

Today we did a little photo session with my nino Mark & nina Lovie. My Nino is an officer in the guam national guard and also is a photographer for the first lady. He is also so smart I hope when I grow up I can be as smart as he is, he literally knows everything! My Nina is such a kind person mommy says she is too nice and makes jokes to call her when someone makes her mad so she can be the one to tell them off for her lol. They make a great couple! Daddy met Nino at Tarza back in 1998 they been friends ever since and mommy met mark from a game a pool that nino messed up for her ( but lets not get into that story lol ) and even though we just met my nina like a year ago. My daddy and mommy say it only makes sense to make them my godparents! Below are our photos maybe now they can make me a god brother 🙂 just kidding Nina I can wait a couple more years. Mr Mittenface will do for now!Nina Lovie guam shoot Godparents Nina & MyongJin Nino & MyongJIn Jin

baby and dad

Father’s Day 2017

Celebrating Father’s Day with my dad. We went to eat at the hotel with my grandpa & grandma Mesa and Nino Jacob & Nina Del and Aleutia. Hopefully daddy enjoyed the food! After we went home and took a nap woke up then ordered pizza! Daddy deserved this day he always wakes up in the middle of the night and changes my poop diapers, if you been around me you know i poop a lot. Mommy teases him that he is the poop man cause he even picks up our doggies poop. He sings to me and makes me hang out with him while he works. I probably won’t remember any of it but its ok i have lots of photos and videos for memories to look back on when I’m older. I Love you dad thanks for being the best dad ever!


baby and father happy baby baby and dog hong babies cute baby asian baby asian baby father's day baby and dad

cute baby photo

First Photo Shoot!

Oh no! Mommy and Daddy already bugging me with a photo! Trying to run some errands and they are already acting like my paparazzi. Oh well, whatever mom and dad! 🙂

cute baby photo

June 6, 2017

cute asian baby

June 7, 2017

cute baby photo

June 9, 2017

cute asian baby fashion baby

June 19, 2017

myongjin and dad

Delivery Day

After nine months of growing inside my mommy’s tummy, I am finally here!  My mommy’s labor was only 2 hours long but it was the toughest thing she ever went through. It was kinda funny how it all happened. Mommy and Daddy went in to ask the nurse if the pain she was having was ok and the nurse told her it was normal and to comeback when her water breaks. As soon as mommy stood up to leave, her water breaks right there! Nurse immediately put mommy on the bed. The nurses thought it was going to be a long labor but I was ready to come out in 2 hours! The midwife was messaged to come in but I came out way before she even got there. Thank goodness the nurses at Guam Regional Medical City hospital was so awesome I can’t thank them enough for being so great at bringing babies everyday to this world!

My full name is MyongJin Joon Hong. I’m half Korean and mix of German, Irish, Phillipino and Chamorro but I think the Korean part really shows. I came out 6 pounds 15 ounces and 21.4 inches tall with a full set of hair. I heard my mommy saying my hair burned her but I don’t know what that means.

I am so lucky to have met my Nino’s and Nina’s on my first day. They all came by to say hello and gave me hugs! I think it’s time for me to make my mommy and daddy stay up as long as possible and get no sleep since I’m sure they want to see me as much as they can 🙂

We forgot to take Nina Stephanie’s photo though and missed Nino Andy he went off island to see his family 🙁

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baby after birth mommy and newborn newborn daddy and baby jacob michelle dotdot rendel mark and love sylvia

Maternity Shoot

Thanks to My Nina’s for helping Daddy & Mommy  with this shoot! Michelle Dotdot, Stephanie Bonfield Cepeda & Randel Lynn

So Mommy wanted to name me after Daddy, Myong and second part of my first name after my Haraboji (Grandpa) Jin. To few friends who got to meet my pops, while Daddy and Mommy were running Time Karaoke Bar, were able to see just how kind and amazing my Haraboji was. He passed away all too sudden and young, few years ago, from lung cancer on Father’s Day. Coincidently I am suppose to be born  5 days away from Haraboji  final date. In honor of my Haraboji & Daddy my name is going to be MyongJin Hong. Some people have gender reveals, we are having a name reveal!