Desert Hot Springs 12/2017

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I got to go to Desert Hot Spring for a day to spend some time with my Uncle Kurt and Auntie Pilar. This will be one of my many visits to hang out with them. Its so peaceful where they live. They have such a big house!  One day I will buy my mommy a big house too! My Uncle and Auntie are such nice people. They made you feel so comfortable staying at their place. They took us to Joshua Tree first. It was so nice with big rocks, people climbing and camping and of course bunch of joshua trees, which looks more like a cactus to me. It was so cold but I stuck it out to take some photos!  Then we went to PioneerTown. It is an old Western looking place. They sometimes shoot movies there. It was so cool to see all the old western buildings. Maybe one day I can be in a movie and shoot there, oh the dream! Im looking forward to coming down again.  Next time I will probably get too see snow! Below is some photos that we took.


MyongJInJoshua TreeHongJoshua TreeMyong HongMyongJinHong