The Carbs

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Finally! Today I got too meet the Carbs. I’ve waited all my life for this day. I love Uncle Mike, Auntie Kristy and Zomu. They will probably be the nicest, coolest people you would ever meet. They are such loving people, everyone needs people like them in their life. Nothing but smiles and laughs when you hang out with them. They even brought me presents and it ain’t even my birthday! Me and Zomu instantly loved each other. I can tell we will be best friends. I have been wanting to meet Zomu since we moved and today we made it happen, its as we’ve been friends for a long time. I love how Zomu is so high energy! We will have a blast once i am able to crawl or walk. Did i mention how cool his name is too who can say that they have a bestie name ZOMU! Below is a couple photos we took. Can i just say what good looking studs we are!!!


prodigy studios The Carbs Zomu & MJprodigy studios MyongJinProdigy studios The Carbs