Nino Jacob, Nina Del and my Favorite Sissy!

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I’m going to miss my Nino Jacob, Nina Del and my favorite sissy Aleutia. She always says how much she loves me and always takes care of me as my mommy and daddy catch up on work! My Nino Jacob is my mommy’s brother and they are very close. My Nina Del I love her she always takes care of me, she is so kind and loving. Mommy says she should just moved with us and be my nanny, oh that will be the good life! I wish I wish i can just pack them in my luggage and take them with me! ( but we all know my dad doesn’t like when mommy brings a lot of luggages lol) I’m glad i didn’t miss this shoot before I left. This ones for my Nino & Nina I love you guys so much, don’t forget to come see me! mesa MyongJin Nina Del asian boy Sissy Hong Jin Boy Prodigy Studios