Nino Andy Pants

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Yay I got to take photos with my famous Nino Andy Pants! His real name is Andy Wheeler but daddy gave him the nickname Andy Pants, figured I keep it going. My Nino is a local celebrity! I got to go to his work. He is a famous radio DJ and a natural comedian! The funny thing is, life must be funny because he always just tells the truth! Nothing but laughs when he’s around. Daddy says it takes talent to be able to always have a come back, that means Nino is one talented guy. One day I’m going to be just as famous as my Nino Andy! So if you’re ever on the road and need a good laugh or smile turn on the radio to i94 6am- 12pm. I promise you won’t be disappointed 🙂 He is also really good at Halo ( But lets not let daddy hear that) One day i will play and beat both of them! Below is our photos 🙂


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