My Docomo Family

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When we move to San Diego the saddest part is leaving our Docomo Family 🙁 Daddy was lucky to have worked for an awesome company like DOCOMO! He made commercials and ads for them. He has the coolest job cause he gets to have fun all the time there. Mommy also get to help a lot and tell daddy what to do! I get to go on set and travel with them! I’m even going to Saipan next week to help out in one of their big commercial! I’m sure they’ll need my help. I can poop, eat and cry!

My uncle Bobby is the coolest ever. He is my daddy’s boss but he is more of a friend and taught him a lot! Daddy keeps saying there is no manager that’ll be as good of a boss like Uncle Bobby. Uncle Keo is cool too! He helps and makes sure that everything that daddy’s team and other marketing team does fits the DOCOMO brand style! I got to take some photos with my Uncles Ron, Frank, Danny, Jon and uncle Joey! I also took photos with my Aunties Laura, Jen, Janessa, Odyessa and Blake! There are so may of Daddy’s DOCOMO family that I didn’t get to take photos with. They are all so cool. Below is our photos 🙂

I’m going to miss my DOCOMO family 🙁

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