Miss Earth Guam 2015!

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I’m not trying to show off but my Auntie is  Miss Earth Guam 2015, Skye Baker! That’s just how I roll. Not only did Skye win Miss Earth Guam but she was top 16 in the Miss Earth International! Which was a big thing for Guam. Skye now goes to college in Hawaii studying Marketing. She makes it a point to come back to guam on breaks to see her family, not to mention her boyfriend Stephen lives in Guam. It is cool to see them make long distance relationship work. Uncle Stephen was suppose to be in our Photo Session but he had to work. I was lucky to have time to meet her before we move to San Diego and she goes back to Hawaii. Auntie Skye has been in commercials and does modeling here and there, She is a great model! Below is our photo blog Enjoy! đŸ™‚Skye Baker Jin Boy Miss earth Guam MyongJin Asian Baby MyongJIn Joon Hong