Nino Christian & Nina Stephanie

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I love hanging with my brother lil Christian! He is so big and tough. He is solid! I love how happy he always is and isn’t as needy as I am. Oh, I am very needy. Mommy calls us the CC brothers (Chubbs & Chinks). I wish they will just moved to San Diego with us! How will I live without them 🙁 Nina Stephanie and my daddy were good friends long time ago but now my mommy and her are best friends. Can you tell they even made us wear matching outfits, that was not our idea 🙂 I think mommy is now friends with all of daddy friend and daddy’s only friend is mommy and me! That’s all he needs anyways. 🙂 Nina is like a second mom to me always concern about my well being! I love her so much! Nino Christian has a cool job he gets to be in a tower and direct all the airplanes. At least i know when i fly in and out of Guam, I will be safe! He came out of active duty and was stationed in Georgia and now is in the air guard in Guam. I sure will miss them. Hopefully they will come and visit us so Chubbs & I can go to Disneyland!! Below is our photos. We got to go and hang out at the park. I don’t know what that is yet but it looks fun 🙂


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