Nino Mark & Nina Lovie

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Today we did a little photo session with my nino Mark & nina Lovie. My Nino is an officer in the guam national guard and also is a photographer for the first lady. He is also so smart I hope when I grow up I can be as smart as he is, he literally knows everything! My Nina is such a kind person mommy says she is too nice and makes jokes to call her when someone makes her mad so she can be the one to tell them off for her lol. They make a great couple! Daddy met Nino at Tarza back in 1998 they been friends ever since and mommy met mark from a game a pool that nino messed up for her ( but lets not get into that story lol ) and even though we just met my nina like a year ago. My daddy and mommy say it only makes sense to make them my godparents! Below are our photos maybe now they can make me a god brother 🙂 just kidding Nina I can wait a couple more years. Mr Mittenface will do for now!Nina Lovie guam shoot Godparents Nina & MyongJin Nino & MyongJIn Jin