Delivery Day

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After nine months of growing inside my mommy’s tummy, I am finally here!  My mommy’s labor was only 2 hours long but it was the toughest thing she ever went through. It was kinda funny how it all happened. Mommy and Daddy went in to ask the nurse if the pain she was having was ok and the nurse told her it was normal and to comeback when her water breaks. As soon as mommy stood up to leave, her water breaks right there! Nurse immediately put mommy on the bed. The nurses thought it was going to be a long labor but I was ready to come out in 2 hours! The midwife was messaged to come in but I came out way before she even got there. Thank goodness the nurses at Guam Regional Medical City hospital was so awesome I can’t thank them enough for being so great at bringing babies everyday to this world!

My full name is MyongJin Joon Hong. I’m half Korean and mix of German, Irish, Phillipino and Chamorro but I think the Korean part really shows. I came out 6 pounds 15 ounces and 21.4 inches tall with a full set of hair. I heard my mommy saying my hair burned her but I don’t know what that means.

I am so lucky to have met my Nino’s and Nina’s on my first day. They all came by to say hello and gave me hugs! I think it’s time for me to make my mommy and daddy stay up as long as possible and get no sleep since I’m sure they want to see me as much as they can 🙂

We forgot to take Nina Stephanie’s photo though and missed Nino Andy he went off island to see his family 🙁

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