Maternity Shoot

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Thanks to My Nina’s for helping Daddy & Mommy  with this shoot! Michelle Dotdot, Stephanie Bonfield Cepeda & Randel Lynn

So Mommy wanted to name me after Daddy, Myong and second part of my first name after my Haraboji (Grandpa) Jin. To few friends who got to meet my pops, while Daddy and Mommy were running Time Karaoke Bar, were able to see just how kind and amazing my Haraboji was. He passed away all too sudden and young, few years ago, from lung cancer on Father’s Day. Coincidently I am suppose to be born  5 days away from Haraboji  final date. In honor of my Haraboji & Daddy my name is going to be MyongJin Hong. Some people have gender reveals, we are having a name reveal!